Tom Eley is a qualified Occupational Therapist who is passionate about finding creative and efficient ways to make life more accessible for people living with a disability. Tom is also a qualified motor mechanic and he uses these skills alongside 30 years of OT experience to assist people with vehicle prescription and creating adapted vehicle controls. He is an OT driving assessor, a driving instructor and a Paravan accredited driving instructor for people learning to use electronic vehicle controls.

Tom is a member of the Australian Standards Committee ME-067-01(Transport and Mobility for Persons with a Disability) and is a Clinical Advisor to the Victorian Statewide Equipment Programme on vehicle modifications. He is a past recipient of the RACV Sir Edmund Herring Scholarship and has undertaken research into ride quality of vehicles converted for use by people with catastrophic injuries.

He is experienced in writing robust, comprenhensive medicolegal reports about disability related vehicle requirements

He specialises in working with people with significant physical disabilities including spinal cord injury, complex orthopaedic injuries and congenital disabilities.He is friendly bloke and always happy to discuss your needs.